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Navigating achondroplasia may feel lonely, but you are not alone.

From online communities to local groups and national organizations, the achondroplasia community can be a source of connection, support, and advice.


Growing Stronger’s mission is to improve the quality of medical care for little people through supporting research. It provides information and resources that may help guide some of the conversations with your child’s healthcare team.

Growing Stronger


Little People of America has been a source of connection, support, advocacy, and information for people and families living with various kinds of dwarfism. It has been instrumental in elevating and celebrating little people everywhere, and advocating for disability rights and inclusion.

LPA Online


The Chandler Project was created to provide a safe space for those affected by achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias. It’s a place to connect with families like yours to learn more about current and ongoing research for managing achondroplasia and other skeletal dysplasias.

Chandler Project


The Magic Foundation connects and supports families of children living with a range of growth-related disorders. The Skeletal Dysplasia division, created in partnership with Little Legs, Big Heart, provides opportunities to hear from and meet families like yours and discover resources and information available for you.

The Magic Foundation


The Mighty is an online community that talks about health in the way it’s actually experienced. They give a voice to people with health conditions and disabilities, as well as those who love and care for them. It’s free to use, and members can discover stories, resources, and give and get support from others who understand.

The Mighty

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